There’s a high chance of you owning a dog, and you’ve been trying to administer CBD products for it but failed miserably, which is why you need professional guidance from the internet. Don’t ask us how we know this because we’re psychics. Anyhoo, you need to understand that you’re so fortunate that CBD products are various in 2021; there’s cbd for dogs joint pain, anxiety, sleeping disorder, skin condition, etc. But you probably already know that, so let’s move on to the next step on how to administer CBD to your dog:

Put in Inside a Treat


By using the trick treat, you can trick your dog into getting his CBD oil because the treats’ grainy texture will absorb all of the oil like water on sand. Just remember to give it a little bit of time to let the oil soak in the treats, and you can put it with a dropper and modulate the dosage depending on how big your pupper is. Still, some people may dislike this method because it can be rather tricky to apply the correct number of drops on the treats, so they opted to buy CBD treats that are already filled and ready to be consumed.

Use a Droplet

CBD Oil DropletAnother way to administer CBD to your dog is by applying it directly into its mouth by using a droplet. Droplets are convenient, and they can absorb a good amount of CBD oil inside of them when it’s time to give it to your canine companion. The best way to put it is by holding your dog with your arms and legs, so they don’t move around while you’re dropping the oil and cause a spill on your floor; some dogs can be naughty, so you may need an extra hand when handling bigger and more rambunctious dogs.

Mix with Their Food

Dog FoodDogs do have a keen sense of smell, but that doesn’t mean they can resist putting food into their mouth, especially when it is something tasty. Try to picture a particular food that your dog absolutely cannot resist, for example, chicken wings, meatballs, sausages, or anything of the sort that you can capitalize and mix the CBD oil within their meal and let it soak for a few minutes before feeding it to your dog.

The Takeaway

Your dog is the most precious thing in the world, and you should never lose sight of its health. Although dogs aren’t exactly the easiest creature to handle when administering CBD products, you have to make an effort because they are worth it! Try out our three tips above and let us know how well did it go.